"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

When We Don’t Have all the Answers

We all know and agree that scripture is the unquestioned authority in our lives and teaching. Sometimes the Bible is plain and clear and at other times, it is less clear. As small group leaders, we’ve all found ourselves sitting in a room looking around at the faces of the people in our group, trying to think of how we want to answer the question… “What do you think?” Without clear answers ready, it can be an uncomfortable place to be. Here’s what to do:

  1. When you don’t know the answer, DON’T fake it. Just say “I don’t know”. From there, seek out the answer and God will provide! 
  2. If it is a controversial area and you have an opinion, tell them that it is your opinion and then tell them why you believe what you do. Listen and learn from there. We’re there to learn too.
  3. If we don’t know what to say at all, tell the group that you want to get more information before answering and then revisit the subject next meeting. If you can’t find answers, ask God and others for guidance.

The important thing to know is that your group will watch how you handle yourself in this situation. If you think you should have all the answers, they will think the same of themselves! If you say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” and then follow up, they are more likely to do the same in their lives. If we have an open heart and are willing to learn from those in our group, our group is likely to do the same. Model the behavior you want to encourage!

 There is a fine line to walk when leading a group. As the leader, we have to lead. It doesn’t mean we have all the answers. How we react when the tough questions are asked will be reflected in those we lead. If we keep our calm and trust God to provide the answers, we’ll find that others in our group will do the same when confronted with tough questions from life and the world.

 Thank you for the time and energy you invest in your small group. It’s a great way to serve!!!


 Will Singer

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our next Small Group Leaders training on March 13 1 PM at Perkins. Every other month, we’ll meet on the second Sunday at 1 PM at Perkins for lunch and discussion.


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