"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

A Tip to help Keep Discussion Real

Reduce the volume of religious jargon in your discussions. Take the word “sanctified” for example. As Christians, we are sanctified. Unless you grew up in the church (and paid attention) or are a studious person, you may not be clear on what that means. If you used this word in your next meeting, I’ll bet that there are people in your group who would a) nod having a vague idea of its meaning and b) have no idea what it means. I’ll also bet that most of both groups will feel like they should know it and most will not ask.

My point is not to say that big words are bad, but that they can be intimidating and some people will be afraid to ask what they mean in front of the group for fear of not looking ‘spiritual’ enough.

What do we do? When we need to use jargon, learn to define the jargon as succinctly (use less words) as possible. Share the definition with the group the first time you use it and be prepared to repeat it. When someone in your group uses jargon, take a moment to casually define what it means or if you’re not sure, ask! If you’re willing to say “I’m not sure what the word sanctified means exactly”, you open the door much wider for others to ask.  BIG WIN!

Next time you have the chance, think about saying “we are set apart for a holy purpose” and there’s a chance that more people will understand what you’re saying and we like that J .


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