"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

False Questions

Have you ever been asked a question that on its face might seem reasonable, but no matter how you answer it, you realize that there is no way to answer it that doesn’t make a false assumption? Let’s break it down for a moment. Picture children playing on a playground. A boy walks up to a girl and says “Do you try to be that ugly or were you just born that way?”. There is an assumption made in that statement. The girl cannot say yes or no without agreeing with the implication.

Now, let’s apply it to adult life. I recently listened to a conversation at a funeral regarding “why God gave her cancer”. ‘Everything happens for a reason and God did this for some good reason’ was the line of reasoning that took them down the road to this question. There is no reason that could be given that did not agree with the idea that it was God’s will for her to have cancer. To understand God’s will for ourselves is one thing. We have The Holy Spirit to help us with that.

To understand God’s overall plan is something else entirely. We will not be able to understand why some things happen. We want to, but we can’t. As people are hurt through the consequences of their own or other people’s choices, often things work out in a way that is so contrary to God’s will that we cannot reconcile in our heads how things got that way. Sometimes, It is our human lack of understanding and desire for order that causes these false questions to be created. At other times it is just a cantankerous personality or maybe Satan confusing or stirring us up.

The takeaway here – Recognize false questions when you see them. When you hear one, identify that it is a false question and then dig into the reason the person is asking the false question. You’ll learn more and be able to help more.

What kind of false questions have you heard?


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