"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Great Communicators are Relevant

This week’s article is the first in a series about great communication. I hope you find it valuable.

Sometimes when we talk, we put a little too much skull time in on theory and not enough on the practical end of things. If you want the words you speak to have impact in people’s lives, they must be relevant to the listener. Being relevant doesn’t mean selling out for what is popular, it means the things we talk about can be applied to lives of the people listening. 

Sometimes, I think we may be a little afraid to be too relevant because it might mean that we would have to take a stand. Relevance has nothing to do with watering things down, it means we apply principles to issues that matter. Take a moment and think about the people who have influenced you. Think about how the things that they said and did had meaning to you where you were in life at the time. Sometimes they are like water to a person in the desert, at other times, they were words we may not have wanted to hear, but when spoken with love, God can use relevant words to change lives.

When we look at the greatest communicator who ever lived, the one who changed more lives through the ages than all others, we’ll find someone who spoke words that were immediately practical and extremely relevant to the times.


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