"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Great Communicators are Concise

If you are trying to get someone to know you better, streams of consciousness, manifestos and rants can be a fun way to do it. They can be interesting, insightful, humorous and even a little scary at times. The problem is that people will take different things away from the same words.

As small group leaders, we usually have a goal in mind when we are leading a group. If you want to accomplish a goal, stay focused on your goal and leave the other stuff behind. One thing it took me a long time to learn and I have found to always be true is that less words is always better. Less chance for confusion, less chance for people to get distracted and less opportunity for someone to misunderstand.

If you’ve ever had someone send you an e-mail that says: ” Sorry I didn’t have time to write less”, you know what I mean. Being concise takes time and effort, but there are rewards! People will listen better if your words are more packed with content. They will understand your point and be able to respond to it better as well. As you prepare your next lesson, take a little time to think about ways you can use less words.

Being concise will help you communicate better. It also shows respect for other peoples time. Try it out and you’ll find that It is a discipline that will benefit you in many ways!


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