"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Creating Good Questions – Part 2

Good questions make people think – People like to think and will benefit from being forced to think a little about things they may not have thought of before (or recently). There are 2 keys to this one. a) WAIT for them to answer. b) Don’t stretch too far. Stretching is good, but try to be sure the answer is in reach.

Good questions involve real life – There’s nothing wrong with asking people their opinion about a point of theology, but if you want to see  lively discussion and lives changing, ask them questions that relate to how they are living life right now. As you’re preparing your lesson, ask yourself: ‘How could discussing this question improve my walk next week?’. If it will improve our walk, chances are good that it will improve the walk of people in our group as well!

Good questions can be directed at an individual – It can be tough to have questions for everyone if you have a broad variety of people in your group. One of the ways I’ve dealt with this is to sometimes ‘mark’ specific questions for specific people. If you have a particular person in mind for a question, you can turn and look directly at the person and when your eyes connect, ask the question. You can also simply say:  “John, what do you think about…” This tactic comes with a couple of warnings: a) use it sparingly, b) Be sure the person is up to being put on the spot and can answer the question c) Don’t ever use this to expose personal information – it’s wrong and you’ll scare everyone that they might be next!


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