"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Seven Habits of not so Highly Effective People

1. Don’t prioritize – Why would you want to waste thinking about goals and objectives. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow let alone next week. Take life as it comes and don’t be one of those arrogant people who think they are going to make a difference. Who needs that kind of stress?


2. Don’t box yourself into a schedule – You perform best under pressure, so just wait till the last-minute and you’ll be fine. You’ve always come through in the past, you’ll be fine if you just relax. What’s the worst that can happen?


3. Aim low and always play it safe – Don’t commit to anything that isn’t just a gimme and even then be sure to hedge your commitment with something like “That’s the plan” or “I think the kids are all healthy right now, so I should be able to get that done…”. Remember to always play it safe!


4. Do everything yourself – Who needs the headaches of dealing with other people. You’re smarter, stronger and better than the rest of them anyway. It would be so much easier to work if other people would just leave you alone. Accountability is sooooo overrated.


5. Never measure your results – Why relive old failures? When there’s no reason to measure just how badly your failed or dissect the reasons why you fell short. When something is done it’s done – time to forget about it and move on!


6. Be sure to point out everyone else’s mistakes – This is where your team skills shine! Other people need to know when they’ve messed up, so help them out and tell them. People learn even better when you do this in meetings or when others are around.


7. Take everything personally – Show everyone how strong you are by defending every idea you have to the death. Be sure everyone completely understands exactly what you mean before you let them dismiss even the simplest suggestion. Don’t let them disrespect you by not using your ideas without paying a price!


8. Never check your work – If other people would take just a little time to understand how busy you are  and give you a little grace, they would be able to overlook a couple of simple mistakes on your part. There’s no need to waste time reviewing everything you write or do!


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