"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Developing Leaders

As we face the challenges coming toward us this fall and into next year, one of the things that we need to recognize is that we will be limited in our ability to grow based on the amount of leadership we currently have. We need leaders to lead groups, lead classes, lead ministries and much more!

Q: Where will those leaders will come from?

A: Us!

From an article I read earlier this year by Mac Lake, Here are some assumptions that we need to challenge in ourselves. They may not be conscious or intentional, but are these assumptions in our heads?

1. Developing leaders is not my role

Many of us nod our head and smile politely as we discuss the need for leadership development, but deep down we assume that “developing leaders isn’t my job”.  It’s not that we’re being stubborn or rebellious.  We took the job we have because we love it, so equipping someone else to do it is not a natural thought.

2. God will provide the leaders we need

While we may feel the pain of a leadership shortage, our primary strategy to fill the gap is to pray for God’s provision. I’m not downplaying prayer; we have to depend on God.  However, prayer as a singular strategy ignores our ‘doing’ part of the process. Are we doing our part in investing in new leaders?

3. I  can handle the current scope of work

It’s easy to look at our area of responsibility and think, “I can do it myself, there is no need to share the leadership or develop anyone else.”  While we may be very adequate at handling the current responsibilities, if we don’t develop others, it doesn’t allow for growth in the area we serve, locks us into a role (God may have more in mind) and deprives others of the opportunity to grow and lead as well!

4. Developing leaders requires a special skill set that I do not possess

We’re better off trying to develop someone else and doing it poorly than making no effort at all. If we ask God and other leaders to help  equip us as we develop someone else,  He will provide and grow us through the process!


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