"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

What Happens After

The last article talked about the dangerous prayers we pray. The ones where we say God, we don’t know how, but break the addiction, make the change happen, fix us… and then He does! We’re very grateful, we praise and thank Him. We’re glad it’s over and we sit down to catch our breath. We are ready for life to finally get back to ‘normal’. But wait a minute, God isn’t done yet! We want to stop and rest while God is looking at us and saying “Wait! There’s still more work to do.”

Have you been here? Are you there now? Is God trying to continue His transformation of your life and all the while you’re fighting against Him in your attempt to get back to your ‘normal’? One of things I’m coming to grips with is that I don’t think God wants my normal <gulp>. To me, ‘normal’ means that life will be the same and God will help me by getting rid of a problem or two at a time. When I’m done giving, serving, or working for Him, I go back to my ‘regular’ life until the next thing.

The problem is that God has something else in mind. God wants to take the caterpillar that I am and set me free to fly… He wants a transformation that I cannot fully comprehend. All I have to do is trust Him. First, at least for me, I need to let go of my ‘normal’. Am I resisting God’s work in my life by holding too tightly on to what’s ‘normal’? If so, how would I know?


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