"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Even more Dangerous Prayers

Do you think there is such a thing as a prayer whose mere utterance means that life will no longer be the same? It’s not that there is any special power in the words themselves, but instead that if I am willing to voice to God my surrender and ask Him to transform and remake me, He will begin a work in me that will metaphorically take me down a road that I cannot come back from…

I’m not trying to create words, sentences or paragraphs to say in prayer, I am trying to create in myself a mindset that recognizes that there is so much more that I can do if I am willing to boldly follow God wherever His Spirit leads me!

We already know that we should act on and follow the nudges we receive. We often recognize that when we hit a detour that it may be God working, so we pray and seek guidance. The next step in maturity for me is to seek out his will, even when I’m comfortable and things are going well. It means that I will continue to follow even when it takes me out of comfortable places to where life is more difficult and unknown. It means praying with conviction the prayer that says: “God, I trust you, make me into what you want me to be…”


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