"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

The Main Thing

I have a friend who loved to talk about how small details affected big things. He was a really smart guy who saw things a little differently than others and when teaching, he would at times wrangle the discussion from minutiae back to the subject at hand by reminding us to “keep the main thing the main thing”.

As I think about my spiritual life, I recognize the need to occasionally be reminded to “Keep the main thing  the main thing”. My spiritual life shouldn’t be centered around the things that I accomplish or the ways that I serve. It isn’t about volume… Doing more of them won’t make Him love me more or make me any more acceptable to Him.

My service comes as a result of my love for God and a desire to please him. I need to love Him first, then allow Him to use me. I sometimes find myself so busy serving Him, that I don’t have time for Him. This is when I need reminded to stop focusing on my to do list so much and slow down enough to actually be with and focus on Him. It’s always worthwhile!


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