"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Going to Church Alone

When you think about the people around you on a Sunday morning, do you know that many of them live in dangerous isolation? They come to church, but aren’t really connected. They might say hello to a couple of people as they come and go, but they don’t really know anyone well enough to share their real burdens. Their conversations rarely go deeper than “Hey, how are you doing?” and “Great – you have a good week now”. When life is hard and Satan is nipping at their heels, they don’t have anyone in the church to turn to or who knows them well enough to notice that life is hard.

The sad thing is… most want more but are afraid or just don’t know how to get more. They might say differently, but we know that God made us to live in the community of His family. Take a look around you this Sunday – make note of the person who slips in at the last minute – walk across the room and say hello to them when it’s time to greet those around you. Watch for people who want to get away as soon as service is over – skip your friends for a few minutes and take time to ask their name. Even if they’ve been there many times, take time and say hello – God will use that to spark something in them (or you) and from there He can make things grow!


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