"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Navigating by Flashlight

Would you think about driving down a country road in the dead of night with only a flashlight to navigate by? Maybe a pair of functioning headlights would work better – or better yet, how about driving on a bright and sunny day! Given the choice, which would you choose?

This metaphor came to me as I was explaining in our recent LifeQuest classes how different people live life. Some people deliberately read their Bible every day, spend time in prayer and deliberately seek out God’s will and direction – We’ll say those people are the ones who are driving on a bright and sunny day. Others never read their Bible or only occasionally do. They pray when they are in trouble, but don’t really think about God in the context of day to day life. They do get a little bit of light but, they are missing out on so much more. This makes it much harder to navigate life and see the road ahead. The sad thing is that they don’t even know that they could see life so much more clearly if they just took time to invest in their relationship with God.

How do you choose to navigate life? In full daylight with God’s light shown around or do you choose to only use a flashlight… Most of us live somewhere between, but as small group leaders, let’s have the vision to drive in bright daylight and pass that vision to others. Also, let’s watch for those who are navigating life with just a flashlight and don’t even realize that there is an entirely new and bright life experience waiting for them if they will only embrace it. They are in danger!


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