"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Redeeming our Choices

Have you made a decision recently that you regret? Have you committed a sin that you KNOW you know better than? I know I have all too often found myself in exactly this place. One of the great things about being a child of God is that:

  1. a) He already knows what we did – It doesn’t always feel great to realize this, but stay with me
  2. b) He is not just willing, but wants to forgive as needed
  3. c) If we let Him, he can redeem that choice. The consequences won’t go away, BUT if we confess our choices and sins to Him, He can make good come out of it if we just let Him work in our lives.

It’s a freeing thought – You can let go of the guilt Satan wants to hang on you by confessing and changing. No matter what the situation, He can make good come out of it if we let Him!


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