"I am the vine; you are the branches." (John 15:5)

Tourist or  Archaeologist

As we’ve been studying Revelation in our group, I keep going back to what Matt Proctor said at the beginning of the book Victorious. He explains how we won’t be able to understand a lot of the references and information in Revelation without deeper study than a 121 page book will cover . It’s like someone who visits someplace for a week. They see lots of sites and learn a lot in a really short time. Compare them to the archeologist who goes there for years to study and dig deep into the facts and who can add lots of details and context to the things they learn.

It’s got me thinking that being a tourist in Revelation is okay. The question is, who in my sphere of influence is a tourist in the Christian life where they stop by for a visit, but never really dig deep to learn more. Worse yet, are there areas of my Christian walk where that is me?!?


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